Hey! I’m Ted.

I started contentplans.com to share what I’m doing; building & managing content websites.

In more detail, this is generally; buying old websites & domains¹, creating a content plan for organic growth², fixing any technical issues³, implementing the plan⁴, monetising the site⁵ and then eventually keeping the revenue or flipping the website⁶.

Quick background: I’ve been building and flipping my own content websites since 2015; I’ve grown out dozens of sites in that time, with multiple projects getting 100k+ organic traffic from search engines (including one that I flipped for 6-figures).

I’ve also worked at one of the bigger PPC agencies in London with both e-commerce and lead generation teams, as well as having a degree in marketing too (don’t worry, I won’t bore you with SWOT analyses!).

*literally the only pic I have in a suit, at my brother’s wedding