SEO Content Strategy for Established Websites

Scaling Organic Traffic to New Levels

We like to follow the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

In a Nutshell

What We do

We take neglected websites and restore them to their former glory – or in most cases, to levels of traffic that they’ve never seen before.

Nothing overly complicated, no super fancy design – just simple websites filled with helpful content.

This generally involves;

Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis

Backlink Building

Content Optimisation

AI-integrated Workflow

In Layman’s Terms

Think of It like a House renovation, But for Websites


Aged Assets

We typically work with websites that have strong foundations, but they’ve been neglected by their previous owner. So, they need some work to become tenable again.

Remodel & repair

So, we start by repairing any damages (fixing technical issues), redecorating the website (rebranding or modernising the design), and then making the house habitable (optimising & adding new content).

Sustained Success

Whilst you can see results from SEO for years after you make changes, it’s an ongoing process. If you want to remain at the top of Google, it’s important to continually to keep competitors at bay.

in more Detail

The Six Step Process: In Depth


Analyse the website, going over its history and current organic performance levels.


Perform niche research, competitor analysis and create a content strategy.


Fix any current technical issues with the site and update to a more modern design.


Audit the current site content in full. Then, publish fresh articles focused around a specific topic.


After an initial content sprint, it’s important to analyse the campaign and optimise for maximum effect.


Though you can see results in a few weeks, maintaining rankings over time is an indefinite process.

in reality

Why Work with Aged websites?


Existing Authority

Established websites often have authority & aged backlinks, making them easier to rank.


Clear Direction

Existing websites have a structure to work with – it’s my job to fill in the content gaps.


Data to Work With

Analysing data from the last 12+ months helps to shape the future of a content strategy.


Some people think that SEO is easy, but consistently ranking websites over and over again takes time and patience that not everyone has. And, you can’t buy the experience gained by executing content strategies time and time again.

This is why we’re open with my SEO processes and share them on social media – anyone can copy, but not everyone can execute. Here’s a few of the main tools we use to analyse websites;

01. Google Search Console

02. GA4 (Google Analytics)

03. Ahrefs

04. Surfer SEO

05. sitebulb

06. ChatGPT


Though SEO can take time, it’s a worthy investment for many. From content websites to small business owners, having an increased presence in search engines like Google is beneficial for different reasons, from driving traffic to your website through to an increased brand presence.

The process may seem long in comparison to the immediacy of paid ads, or complicated when held up against the simplicity of social media. However, once you know what you’re doing, it’s actually fairly straightforward.

But straightforward doesn’t necessarily mean easy, and it’s only after years of consistently ranking websites time and time again that I’m sharing what I do with others – feel free to reach out if you have any questions.