SEO Content Strategy for Established Websites

Rebuilding Digital Assets for Growth

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In a Nutshell

What We do

We take neglected websites and restore them to their former glory.

This involves everything from redesigning the website through to optimising it for search engines (SEO).

Nothing overly complicated, no super fancy design – just simple websites filled with helpful content.

In Layman’s Terms

Think of It like a House renovation, But for Websites


1. Acquire or Partner

Finding the right website can take time, but it’s worth waiting for the right opportunity. And when the opportunity comes, due diligence is important to reduce risk.


2. Analyse

The advantage of working on existing properties is that we can use the historical data to make informed decisions – this makes things easier than starting from scratch.


3. Revamp

Next, we need to fix any technical issues & modernise the web design. In some cases, we completely overhaul the site with a rebrand.


4. Strategise

Once we’ve analysed the competition, we can determine our own content strategy to ensure we’re getting the right visitors to the website.


5. Create

The most important piece of the puzzle is making sure people visit the site. For this, we create great content that ranks #1 in search engines like Google.


6. Grow

We grow the site through a combination of content & promotion (aka backlinks). Then, we can look at optimising performance to ensure sustained success.


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