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Content marketing isn’t new to the finance industry, and financial marketers are aplenty – however, this doesn’t mean that there still isn’t a ton of opportunity in the space . This is especially true of smaller banking and finance companies – they may not have the marketing budget to compete with big companies, but with some clever strategy, they can still reach their audience with content marketing.

And the truth is that it doesn’t require huge budget to succeed in content marketing for financial services; if you take the correct approach, that is. We’re going to look at some of the most effective strategies in the financial services industry.

Content marketing for financial services

The best content marketing strategy emphasizes the importance of education relationships to keep customers engaged. This is easy to say for financial services firms whose focus is on complex and somewhat “unsexy” topics.

However consumers showed that their time was geared towards financial content. Here’s a few figures that support this.

13 Content Marketing Tips for Financial Services Companies

All companies should have content marketing plans. Content marketing is essential for financial service companies to improve their marketing strategies and products.

There is also a myth about it being hard to develop a good quality website that attracts customers from financial services. You should start planning out your content!

Bank On Audience Trust

Content marketing is essential when a financial services company has an audience. A marketing team must know how consumers want their information and how they search. Hint: The banks don’t use bank language.

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Epperson said he worked on a case recently where a customer’s content had so many words it became detrimental. They were using words like “wealth management advisors” or “commercial lenders” instead of “retirement experts” or “business bankers” what customers sought.

The big shift was achieved if our content was consistent with what people wanted,” she said.

Building a Connection With Content

The report states that financial services marketing companies report content that consumers can find most efficient using infographics and video formats, based primarily on social media: 85% said infographics and 44% said video.

Whatever the format, marketers recognize the value of content marketing to new consumers and to create trust among existing clients. They said content marketing is important because it can be very effective in generating revenue from their products.

Financial services businesses have some restrictions regarding their content.

Amplify organic content with paid campaigns

SEO-friendly content is incredibly useful in business and especially in the B2B world. Inbound marketing is a lengthy game that aims at increasing the number of customers who see your website. I think it’s essential to create ever-changing content.

Content marketing strategies involve paid activities that will help your business grow and help your content reach the right audience. Create paid advertising for Facebook ads or Linkedin ads helps to boost the reach of the site’s content as well as ensure targeted audience engagement for the site.

Focus on each stage of the buyer’s journey

When evaluating content marketing there are different steps to be focused upon when making a decision and what to buy. When preparing a content strategy, you may want to focus on the buyers journeys separately or include the different stages into an overall content strategy.

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Whatever content creation process you will use will have to be tailored to your customer journey and the tone and content of the content must be determined based on the information offered and the kind of content you will utilize.

Become a thought leader in the finance industry

Companies that operate in financial services must be considered a thought-leader within their sector, e.g. because FinTech can be complex and buying decisions can be long.

Ensuring your organisation’s visibility in the market will improve your site traffic, improve domain awareness, increase the credibility and build brand trust with your users.

B2C firms have a great need for thought leadership, especially when they have high-quality services, high-quality technology, and long-term investors.

Build detailed personas for your target audience

Create personas that build on what makes good content marketing. Knowing the personas of your key people helps create content which is relevant to these personas.

Your content should be able to give your viewers more insight about the products they are buying as well as providing information relevant to them. How do people define themselves?

The persona of an organization’s business is the fictional profile of the ideal customer; however, they are drawn from the customer’s experience.

Create content that addresses your personas’ needs and challenges

We have already discussed how identifying your main persona is important. Creating a persona through Search Engine Optimization can help your company attract potential clients and prospects by providing relevant content for them and their purpose.

Helpful and authoritative marketing content helps potential buyers learn more about the problems they seek to solve and the solutions you can offer. The need for quality content in the professional world has always been an essential.

The white whale in content advertising focuses heavily on business goals. The survey also found that demonstrating ROI is one of the main challenges facing the storyteller community. We accidentally wedged our pressure cooker in.

Several key elements have managed to distinguish themselves in the current slews of forecasts about content trends that are circulating. Here we take a look at the most prominent movements which navigate our industry’s modern-day market.

Consider the inbound methodology

Content creation is essential for an effective inbound marketing strategy. Content targeted at people and lifecycle steps will assist in finding a suitable buyer who can be involved with you in the development or sales of your business and the products you have to offer.

How to use inbound methods? Inbound helps make your content the ideal target audience. Insights to encourage customers to visit your web site to get information from you.

Incorporate video into your content marketing plan

In all industries, video marketing has an enormous impact on business, and video content is very effective at helping brands promote themselves by promoting and enhancing their products or services.

In iSivia the viewer retaining 95% of the message in the video compared with 9% in the text. Video Marketing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and social media has made curators happy through its algorithmic features.

Increase domain authority with link building

Domain authority can improve brand reputation. Content marketing activities are a great means of increasing website authority, and links are a crucial part of your strategy. This is one of the most important elements to a successful link-building strategy. 8. Plan a strategic social calendar – it is good practice to prepare the content calendar for your content creation.

Become a Financial Services Industry Thought Leader

Consumers searching for finances are seeking information that comes from somebody who knows. This is a very practical decision which is often complex in nature and has long-lasting implications so this is reasonable.

Creating interesting and useful content will help your business stand out from the competition. It is also good if others are syndicating the content which gives you extra boosts.

Build Detailed Buyer Personas

When you are planning an internet marketing campaign, you must know what you’re targeting.

The buyer persona describes the characteristics of your customers and the needs of those groups. You create fictional characters for all of the ideal customer groups. Creating a profile of these individuals relative to demographic data is essential.

Create content that meets each persona’s challenges and needs

You need a content that describes the financial needs of your buyer persona. Among the more common millennials are people who need to have fewer financial needs.

Why Financial Marketers Should Embrace Content?

Financial services are different than they were a decade ago. Content marketing is a powerful tool for your business strategy. The waiting time for potential prospects is long. Many other institutions have also begun investing in content marketing strategies for their new environment. There’re several reasons why.

It gives you a way to educate your audience

Similar to any other industry, the company probably has similar marketing objections. Maybe customers aren’t sure if they trust an institution that does business online.

Content offers a great way of addressing the common objections by offering informative materials and compelling reasons for your brand to think carefully about these topics.

You can include pictures and videos, or even testimonials from other customers who have experienced similar problems and had a remarkable experience.

It provides a way to deliver a more personalized and targeted message

Consumers desire personal experiences that can be paid for by paying for it. According to a recent analysis, personalization could be used for marketing in a wider market by consumers, boosting the number of consumers spending.

Use content marketing to create buyer personas and then write content for these groups. Some websites have retirement and loan advices and other content aimed at millennials.

It gives you a non-promotional and organic way to reach customers

Consumers are increasingly averse to “salesy” messages. Instead of forcing visitors to make a choice, provide non-promotional information to solve the problem, or at least understand the problem a little more effectively.

If you can get enough of these material to make your business an authority, your clients will go first and get it.

It’s the best way to reach millennials and younger generations

Nielsen estimates millennials have the highest spending time on their mobile phones and television than television.

Banks can easily reach customers online through engaging content instead of expensive advertising.

5 types of content for financial services firms

How do we promote our website? You have many different ways to get the word out there. List the five best formats to add to your list.


YouTube continues to grow to become increasingly popular media for young audiences. Regardless of demographic, video is especially useful when explaining complicated topics or concepts.

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A few visitors might not want to view an article on reverse mortgages, but they will watch the video.


Consumers are increasingly interested in podcasts as they are convenient to consume. It is ideal for financial services firms to display interviews with industry professionals.

You can also consider producing recurring shows on varying topics such as saving or getting a loan.

Blog posts

Blogs represent the most common form of content marketing. What are the reasons?

First and foremost, it’s fairly inexpensive to manufacture, which means you get a great return on investment. This will increase the visibility and traffic of the website you are using.

E-books & White Papers

Often ebooks and white papers can only be downloaded. Often you’ll need to utilize them to gather the email addresses of potential customers. It is useful for showing your credibility through research and detailed explanations about various topics.

Social Media Posts

Social networking is content. Engaging on social media platforms such as Instagram is an effective means for reaching people who use these services regularly. Examples of financial marketing content include:


This guide will help you develop a successful content marketing strategy for financial services businesses. There are a lot of varying aspects to consider including style, targeting, and the kind of content to be produced.

Make sure that your personas remain prominent in every aspect of your marketing plan. Inbound FinTech has worked with numerous FSI businesses using their tested and proven game plan methods in a variety of industries.